All of our members believe that by working together, we can do so much more. We are proud to be able to assist our member rescue organizations to reach their individual goals. Our members are all committed and experienced pet rescuers and we are very proud to assist them in any way we can.

Each of our members have completed an application process that includes interviews, personal reference checks and veterinarian reference checks.

In addition, each of our rescues has agreed to abide by our HHP Canine Code of Ethics for any dogs that they rescue or the HHP Feline Code of Ethics for cats.

The code provides a standard by which you can measure our rescues and ensures that all HHP members are compassionate and ethical rescuers who have the best interests of the animals they rescue at the forefront.

Should you have any questions or comment concerning any of our members, please email us at: info@helpinghomelesspets.com.

Pet Rescue Members
The following is a list of our members that rescue multiple pet species.

Animal Angel Rescue Foundation
Dogs and Cats   Southern Ontario    

Grand River All Breed Rescue
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits.  Cambridge, ON 

Home Again
Dogs and Cats. Bancroft, Ontario

Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society (NOAWS)
Dogs & Cats. Northern Ontario   

Pawzie”Tively” Precious American Eskimo Rescue
American Eskimo & Cats. GTA 

The Animal Guardian Society
Dogs and Cats. Durham Region                              

Canine Rescue Members

All Breed Canine Rescue
All Breeds.       Middlesex & Elgin Counties, Ont

After the Track Greyhound Adoption
Greyhounds.     Canada, US

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada
Boston Terriers. Canada    

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
​Chihuahuas. Canada

Collie Rescue Network
Rough and Smooth Collies. Canada  

Gentle Jake’s Coonhound Rescue
Coonhounds. Ontario  

Great Dane Rescue, Inc.
Great Danes. Ontario, US 

Homeward Bound Rescue
Bulldogs and others.Ontario

Jack Russel Terrier Rescue Ontario
Jack Russell Terriers. Canada 

LOYAL Rescue Inc.  
All Breeds. Canada, US   

Nickquenum Dog Rescue
All Breeds. Ontario 

Ontario Bloodhound Rescue
Bloodhounds. Ontario, US 

Precious Paws Rescue
All Breeds. Canada, US 

Rat Terrier Rescue Canada
Rat Terriers. Canada, US

Southern Ontario Sheltie Rescue
Shetland Sheepdogs (Sheltie.)Ontario                             

Speaking of Dogs
All Breeds. GTA                                             

Standard Poodles In Need, (SPIN)
Standard Poodles. Ontario, Quebec                                                         

The Dog Rescuers Inc.
All Breeds. Ontario                                         

Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada
Small Breeds - up to 20 pounds. Ontario                           

Westies in Need
West Highland White Terriers. Ontario, Quebec                            

Feline Rescue Members

Cat Rescue Network                                                  

Companion Animal Rescue Effort                              

Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue

Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue & Adoption

North Halton Kitten Rescue                                        
North Halton, ON

Team Cat Rescue
Ontario, Quebec

Small Mammal Rescue Members

Canadian Chinchilla Rescue
Chinchillas.Ontario, Quebec

Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue
Guinea Pigs. GTA 

You have two options to donate:

Credit Card
Donate through Canada Helps and you will immediately receive your tax receipt.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org! 

Faire un don maintenant par CanadaHelps.org!

By Cheque
Make your cheque payable to: 
Helping Homeless Pets
In the memo area, please identify the rescue the funds should be directed too. Leave blank if you want the funds to be directed to HHP.

Mail Cheque to:
Helping Homeless Pets
736A The Queensway
PO Box 57062
Toronto, ON
M8Y 1L5

Please be sure to include the information about who the tax receipt should be made out to and also please include your email address (if available). In order to reduce our costs, we prefer to email your receipt to you.

Yes, this is a mailbox address for administrative purposes. HHP is a charitable non-profit operated by volunteers and one paid part-time staff. Providing a physical address has resulted in people abandoning unwanted pets at the address given. If you are the legal owner and cannot keep your pet, please contact the Rescues listed on this page and be prepared to give them time to find foster space. 

Legally, animals that are abandoned must be surrendered to the local Municipal Shelter to ensure that anyone is looking for them has the opportunity to find them before they are released for adoption.

Thank you for understanding.