Information For Rescues

We are not accepting any new applications for membership at this time.

We are pleased to be able to Help Homeless Pets by directly assisting your rescue in a number of ways. Proper assessment, Vet care, fostering and adoption screening/placement are the most time consuming aspects of rescue. Medical care creates the largest financial need.

Our goal is to provide direct assistance with some of the administrative and fund raising aspects of your rescue, so that your volunteers can spend more of their time caring for your animals. Most of the fund raising opportunities at this time require your rescue and supporters to directly participate in the fund raising programs.

Where do rescued pets come from?

HHP is a Canadian based charitable organization and as such, members must always give priority to homeless pets in Canada first. The following is our policy concerning where rescued pets come from.

Dog Rescues

Dog rescues may choose to help dogs based upon their breed, their size, their location, their need or other factors. When rescuing dogs, each rescue must give priority to the dogs that they rescue, that are located in Canada, according to available space and capabilities of foster home space available. Dog rescues may import some Shelter dogs from the USA, provided they are healthy and properly vetted (including vaccinated and HW tested) prior to transport, safely transported and meet all Canadian import requirements. HHP dog rescues may not import dogs from any other countries.

All other Pet Rescues

For Cat, Birds, Rabbits and all other pets, your rescue must be rescuing all of your pets within Canada. 

Please contact us directly so that we may assist your rescue.