Why Rescue

Pet Rescue Groups were born out of a need to save adoptable dogs and cats and find them homes. Years ago, shelters were the place most strays and unwanted pets ended up. When the shelters got full and a pet was there too long, the pet was killed to make room for other more adoptable animals coming in, or sold for laboratory research. It was, and still is, a very sad situation when a healthy pet is euthanized as a direct result of human neglect or ignorance. The staff working in shelters are forced to make incredibly gut wrenching decisions everyday. Mostly caused by pet over population and the failure of too many people to recognize that pets should be spayed or neutered.  

Bob Barker, the host of The Price is Right ended every broadcast of the show with a plea to spay or neuter your pets, starting in the 1970's. But even today, there are those that just don't bother, don't care or think that their Sparky would change if neutered. This leads to healthy, wonderful pets being euthanized daily around the world for no other reason that no one wants them or has room.

Rescue Groups began to form and one of the first was Pets Alive in New York State that was started in 1965.

Today, there are many No Kill shelters where adoptable pets are not killed, but the problem of over crowding persists. There are now breed specific rescue groups for nearly every canine breed and groups that rescue any dog. There are also groups that rescue cats, rabbits, birds, ferrets, and other pets.

There are two major difference between shelters and rescues . Shelters are usually run and funded by the Municipality where they are located, funded through taxes and licensing. In many cases though, this funding is inadequate to care for the large number of animals that need help. Rescue groups are funded only by donations and all the people are volunteers. While some shelters do put animals into foster homes, many are housed onsite in kennels. Most Rescue Groups place their rescues into foster homes as they do not have shelter facilities. Animals in foster care do fare better as they are in a real home, just like the home that is out there for them somewhere. Both shelters and rescue groups are essential in the long term care of animals.

We have chosen to assist reputable rescue groups. However anytime a homeless pet finds a new and permanent home it's a good thing. If there is a shelter near you, then visit there to find a pet, or just volunteer to walk a dog or clean a rabbit's cage. Don't think someone else will take care of it, because quite often that someone else has already been volunteering 20 hours a week for the past 5 years,

We urge everyone to, 'Please consider adoption first'. Adoption is not for everyone, but there are many wonderful pets, that will love you forever if you bring them home with you.

We believe that every pet deserves a loving home.


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HHP is an organization dedicated to assisting pets by directly supporting legitimate and ethical pet rescue organizations. Each of our members has undergone a screening process and has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics. 

We created HHP because we believe that by working together we can accomplish so much more. 

You may choose to make your donation to support HHP in general, or to HHP as a directed donation to assist any one of our rescue organization members for Veterinary care. All of our members are non-profit and some are registered charities themselves. For our non-registered members, all funds you donate to HHP to be directed to them can only be paid out directly to a veterinarian for services provided to a pet that has been rescued by that organization. If that Rescue ceases to become a member of HHP, then they may request that the funds be used in the same way for one of the remaining member Rescues, or if that does not happen, then the donor may be contacted and asked which of the remaining members Vet bills they would like the donation to benefit. 

Our Charitable Registration No. 84972 2954 RR0001

We thank you in advance for considering a donation to Helping Homeless Pets to assist our member groups.
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Mail Cheque to:
Helping Homeless Pets
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Please be sure to include the information about who the tax receipt should be made out to and also please include your email address (if available). In order to reduce our costs, we prefer to email your receipt to you.

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